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Rehabilitation is the second sub-series of Gungrave: Aftermath. It mainly tackles Brandon's physical disability caused by losing his left arm and right leg. Thanks to the support from Biscoe's Millennion, Brandon receives an artificial leg to help his mobility and is given the chance to undergo physical therapy.

This sub-series began on 9th October 2015. Label: GGAM - R

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Lost Leg (16th July 2016): Brandon considers his defective prosthetic leg as part of his body. Every day, he practices with it to keep his body healthy. But as Biscoe notes, Brandon has never undergone the physiotherapy even once, and he actually does everything out of obstinacy and impatience. It leads to the disintegration of his prosthesis, which causes a lot of distress to him.

The Beauty of Simplicity (9th October 2015): Mika inherits her father's wealth and can live in an exquisite mansion instead of an old trailer, but it may require her to sacrifice the handicapped Brandon for it.

Feat (24th October 2015): Bringing his and Mika's dirty clothes tests Brandon's skill with his artificial leg.

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