The word 'orgman' stands for 'Re-organized Man'.

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Orgmen are the later products of Necrolyzation Project that appear as silver-skinned humanoid monsters. With their commands implanted in their brains before activation, they are incapable of rebelling. They look different from the bodies used for the necrolyzation. Orgmen do not bleed and will shatter when destroyed.

Subspecies[edit | edit source]

Scout[edit | edit source]

Scouts are the smallest orgmen and often come in a swarm.

Scout JPG.jpg

Being the weakest of all orgman subspecies, they mostly act as a meat shield. Despite that, scouts are fast and rather intelligent. They can drive motorcycles like humans and extend their arms to deliver a powerful long-range punch and stun the foe.

Death Scythe[edit | edit source]

The death scythes are scout orgmen with a huge, sturdy saber attached to their right arms.

Death Scythe JPG.jpg

Due to how the blades are attached to their arms, they can work as both a spear and a scythe. Death scythes are fast and deadly, and the ability to extend their saber makes them even more dangerous than other orgmen. However, they are just as fragile as the scouts.

Black Suit[edit | edit source]

Outfitted with a black suit and a pair of shades like a typical gangster, black suits

Black Suit JPG.jpg

are the most intelligent out of all orgman subspecies and tend to lead hordes of orgmen in an assault. They can also wield guns like humans. When black suits take off their shades and flex their muscles, they are ready to transform into ogres and sacrifice their intelligence for massive strength.

Ogre[edit | edit source]

Ogres are colossal, muscular orgmen.

Ogre JPG.jpg

They possess immense strength, but being huge, they are the slowest out of all orgman subspecies. Their attack patterns tend to be primitive and consist of basic punches, swats, kicks, and stomps. However, they are also powerful ranged combatants. Their fingertips can transform into cannons that fire superheated plasma projectiles. Ogres can either come from black suits or are immediately produced when creating orgmen.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

All orgmen are weak to anti-necrolyze rounds, which can inflict pain and destroy the afflicted body parts. Large caliber bullets can destroy orgmen in huge amount as well. Like all other products of Necrolyzation Project, orgmen also need regular transfusion to survive.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The orgman subspecies is mostly based on Gungrave games, along with the names. The subspecies actually appears in the anime several times.
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