Norton is the series' main character. After helping Bisc
oe lead a rebellion in Millennion, they manage to end Harry's tyrannical reign. Norton becomes Biscoe's second-in-command and handles many secondary works while providing Biscoe the advice to preserve his dignity as Millennion's boss.

Personality Edit

Norton is a very strict person and a stickler to Big Daddy's Code of Iron. Unlike Biscoe, Norton has no qualms handing out harsh punishments to wrongdoers. When Biscoe attempts to save Brandon for Mika, Norton advises Biscoe to 'flog' Brandon with anti-necrolyze bullets as a punishment for a traitor.

Norton is also very cynical. In Betray Me Not, when he discovers from William that Brandon cries and manages to sleep well only after Mika comforts him, he thinks Brandon is just trying to earn their sympathy.

Despite his ruthlessness and cynicism, Norton actually has a good intention behind his harsh acts and is only obeying the law. His reason of telling Biscoe to punish Brandon harshly is because Biscoe is Millennion's new boss, who is supposed to set a good example for his underlings.

However, Norton highly respects those who have more authority than he does, such as Biscoe and Mika. Although Norton frequently disagrees with Biscoe, whose decision is more oriented towards showing compassion, he will readily submit. Norton, too, is very blunt and direct when speaking to anybody regardless of authority.

Norton is also known for his insensitivity to others' feelings, particularly kids. In The Hellhound of Billion, during Arnold's funeral, he flatly says that Kevin, Arnold's son, can do nothing other than moving on. This upsets Kevin and annoys both Brandon and Mika as well.

Relationships Edit

Brandon Heat Edit

Norton is never friendly towards Brandon, much to Mika's chagrin. It's all because of Brandon's history as a traitor. Whenever the organization is in a trouble, he has a tendency to put all the blame on Brandon.

Mika Asagi Edit

Although Norton may be blunt when speaking to Mika, he actually highly respects Mika and always tries his best to ensure that Mika keeps her dignity as Big Daddy's child and the rightful heir of Millennion.

Biscoe Edit

Norton still retains his bluntness when speaking, but he actually highly respects Biscoe and always provides Biscoe some advice to preserve his dignity as Millennion's boss. However, if Biscoe doesn't listen to his advice, Norton may warn Biscoe the possible risks very bluntly. He tends to submit to Biscoe, though.

Dr. William RutherfordEdit

Norton frequently quarrels with William, as Norton's tendency to mistreat Brandon regardless of his condition clashes with William's desire to protect his patient.


  • Norton appears rather early in the anime.
    Biscoe Norton Alzac Ep 6 JPG
    He is first seen along with Alzac and Biscoe in episode 6 (Big Daddy's left side), in which they are the business associates Big Daddy is talking to.
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