Necrolyzers are the initial products of Necrolyzation Project. They look not too different from the body used for the necrolyzation, though this depends on the necrolyzation process.

Subspecies Edit

Depending on the necrolyzation process, the resulting n
Necrolyze JPG

Brad Wong after ingesting necrolyzation serum (left) and Brandon after receiving IV necrolyzation serum (right)

ecrolyzers may possess a different appearance.
  • Necrolyzers produced from ingesting necrolyzation serum before death tend to be green-skinned giants while retaining their original hair color.
  • Necrolyzers produced from receiving IV necrolyzation serum look more like the base bodies being gigantified. They also lose their hair pigment, which result in white hair.

Powers and Ability Edit

Necrolyzers are immune to regular bullets and can resist powerful attacks. They are also very tough and hard to kill. Lacking pain sensation (which can still be provoked by anti-necrolyze rounds), they can keep fighting until their bodies stop working. Necrolyzers also possess immense strength.

Weaknesses Edit

Necrolyzers can be easily harmed by anti-necrolyze rounds. With their nerve functions altered and decomposition process accelerated, they will keel over due to immense pain and decaying body parts. Also, necrolyzers need regular transfusions to stay alive.

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