Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Loan Shark is the third sub-series of Gungrave: Aftermath. After regaining his ability to walk, Brandon becomes a loan shark in Millennion. Because the job itself is morally questionable, Brandon frequently faces ethical dilemmas.

This sub-series began on 17th October 2015. Label: GGAM - LS

Work List[edit | edit source]

Retribution (7th November 2015): After learning the death of his loan shark friend, which is caused by a riot led by one of his former customer, Brandon thinks of killing the leader of the riot to bring justice to his dead friend. The job should have been easier if the leader of the riot has not been a father to a little girl, which parallels Brandon's status as Mika's father figure.

A Loan Shark's Tale (17th October 2015): As devoted as Brandon is to his job as a Millennion's loan shark, when Mika needs him, he can just drop off his work.

Wintertime Business (31st October 2015): Vash the Stampede from Trigun universe becomes Brandon's client. Hilarity and chaos ensue.

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