Hellhounds are the product of applying necrolyzation serum to dogs. They appear in the form of big black dogs with red eyes. When they are dying due to their necrolyzation fading, their fur will lose the pigment.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hellhounds are very durable and resist regular bullets, although their durability pales in comparison to necrolyzers. Lacking of self-control, they will shred everything in their sight with their fangs and claws. Their fangs are sharp enough to tear through steel.

Weaknesses Edit

Like all products of necrolyzation, hellhounds are weak to anti-necrolyze and large caliber bullets.
Hellhound Cover JPG

The hellhound (left) in the cover of The Hellhound of Billion.

Hellhounds also have to be sustained with blood, lest they can't live long.
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