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Guardian of a Lifetime is the fourth sub-series of Gungrave: Aftermath. Set long after Rehabilitation and Loan Shark, this series features Brandon carrying out his duty as Mika's guardian until she fully grows up. Danger lurks around the city of Billion, but the handicapped Brandon will stop at nothing to protect Mika and Millennion.

This sub-series began on 29th December 2015. Label: GGAM - GoaL

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Crossfire (25th July 2016 - ongoing): A mob war between Millennion and Chimera breaks out after a tax issue. At the same time, Brandon and Vash happens to be in the opposing organizations, and they also find themselves arguing about their ways of life.

Lessons from the Streets (3rd June 2016): Brandon lectures Mika about life on streets in this set of interconnected drabbles.

Mother Tiger and Her Cubs (2nd August 2016): A TV program about tigers spawn a question in Mika's head: how can mother tiger lift her cubs with her mighty teeth and jaws without hurting them?

For the Sake of Survival (4th August 2016): Brandon brings Mika to the streets so that she can practice what he has taught with real targets. However, Mika dislikes how Brandon treats the living targets, because to her, it is too cruel.

The Hellhound of Billion (24th January 2016 - 12th August 2016): When necrolyzed dogs appear in Billion, it's Brandon's job to get rid of them.

Brave Heart (29th December 2015): An incident with a stray orgman at Desolation Alley proves that Mika is a brave girl despite her cowardly nature.

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