Doctor Tokioka's Trailer is sometimes dubbed as simply 'the trailer'
Trailer JPG

Game (Left) and Anime (Right). Note the dent in the anime version.

in the fanfic series. In the anime series, Doctor Tokioka's Trailer is a small mobile lab where the doctor sustains Brandon's body. After the doctor's death, it's left inside the warehouse where Mika and Brandon/Grave live. In this fanfic series, the trailer is parked at the basement of Millennion Tower. Brandon and Mika now live here, although the facility is very lacking.

Regularly, Brandon or Dr. William will disinfect the trailer to keep the environment sterile, which will help keep Brandon healthy. Brandon also cleans the trailer daily.


The trailer is a cramped room containing mostly boxes that contain Dr. Tokioka's medical books and journals and various medical equipment.
Trailer Blueprint 2 JPG

Legendary Biologist's Map of the Trailer

It has a set of computer, but as Mika states in The Beauty of Simplicity, it only serves to monitor Brandon's health. Also, the trailer has a huge armchair where Brandon usually rests or sleeps on either when he's receiving his medical treatment or not. On one side, it also has a steel bench for Mika to sleep on. Mika uses a stack of clean cloth as her pillow and Brandon's greatcoat as her blanket.

The trailer has two doors: the main and the side exit. The side exit can only be activated through the computer.

There are two 'tool sheds' in the trailer: the primary and the secondary 'tool shed'. It is a place for putting various items. While the secondary 'tool shed' consists of mainly cleaning products and tools (including a trash can), the primary 'tool shed' has various items:

  • Carton boxes: Dr. Tokioka's books and journals, comics, clean/dirty clothes, various medical items including X-ray cassettes
  • Portable X-ray and antiradiation vest
  • Portable suction machine
  • IV stand
  • Chest drainage canisters
  • Mechanical ventilator machine
  • Oxygen tank

The mobility device storage is where Brandon usually parks his wheelchair and retires his prosthetic leg for the day. Brandon's four-pronged cane and walker are also placed there.


  • The trailer is last seen in episode 23 of the anime,
    The Trailer

    Part of Doctor Tokioka's Trailer in episode 23.

    parked inside the warehouse where Brandon and Mika live in.
  • Legendary Biologist states that she chooses to write Brandon's armchair as a recliner that can turn into a bed,
    Recliner Bed

    Brandon's recliner in the game.

    as inspired by the game universe of Gungrave. While not exactly like a bed, it allows Brandon to lie on it as though it is a bed.
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