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Betray Me Not is the first sub-series of Gungrave: Aftermath. Taking place during the last episode of the anime, this sub-series expands on what that may take place during the last episode. Initially, this sub-series only consisted of one multi-chapter with the same title and was intended to resolve the ambiguous ending of the anime.

This sub-series began on 1st August 2015. Label: GGAM - BMN

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Decisions, Consequences, and a Second Chance (13th December 2015): Set during the last episode of the anime, this expands on how Biscoe ends up stopping the assault on Brandon and Harry.

Betray Me Not (1st August 2015): Having betrayed Millennion by protecting Harry, Brandon struggles to reconcile with Mika and Millennion.

Phantom Limb (29th August 2015): A snippet about Brandon's loss of arm, which ends up as a phantom sensation that haunts him. Rehashed into Worth (see below).

Worth (26th September 2015): Having reconciled with Biscoe and Norton doesn't mean that Brandon is free from all his problems in Millennion.

Trivia Edit

  • The title Betray Me Not comes from Lichner's Forget-Me-Not.
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