Anti Necrolyze JPG
A huge pump-action rifle with anti-necrolyze rounds. This serves to destroy any type of undead, be it necrolyzers or orgmen. The anti-necrolyze round is a .500 caliber bullet coated with flesh-softerner solution. The upper half of the bullet contains a glass cylinder that holds anti-necrolyzation fluid, which is pink in color and serves to sensitize an undead's pain perception. Once the bullet strikes the undead, the cylinder will shatter and release the fluid, dealing out pain. Moreover, anti-necrolyze rounds speed up the decomposition of an undead's tissue.
Anti Necrolyze Empty and Bullet JPG

An empty anti-necrolyze rifle and its clip (bottom left).

The effect is worse on unhealthy undead, as implied by Brandon's loss of leg, which is caused by said weapon.
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